Symphonic metal has a “before” and “after” Nightwish. The finnish band, led by keyboard master and composer Tuomas Holopainen is one of the most successful acts of its era, with a mixture of operatic lyrical approach, bombastic metal and cinematic orchestrations.

Formed in 1997 in Kitee, Nightwish rose to world fame thanks to records such as “Wishmaster” (2002) and “Once” (2004) that brought them to the top. The exit of singer Tarja Turunen generated some doubts but the band solved them easily with monster opus such as “Dark Passion Play” (2007) and “Imaginaerum” (2011). Their most recent effort, “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” marked the first studio record with their now definitive singer, the colossal Floor Jansen. The band will now be back at Rock Fest Barcelona with a new record.