Hi everyone,

We ask you to read this post with attention and with care.

This year, all the money that we get from the charity stand at Rock Fest Barcelona will be given to Asdent (www.asdent.es) in order to fund the reseach of Dent’s disease.

Asdent was created by Eva Jimenez, the mother of Nacho, a small child just 5 years old who suffers Dent’s disease. The condition affects his kidney and he is one of the only 250 people in the world that has been diagnosed with it.
When you suffer a disease that “only” affects 250 people in the world you are not profitable to the chemical companies and research is not conducted at all. When you suffer a disease that “only” affects 40 people in Spain, it means that Nacho is not media-attractive enough for the Ministry of Health so they don’t see the need for helping him, because it doesn’t mean many votes.

The only remedy for Nacho’s disease is to pay the research in a private way. The research has been budgeted at 500.000€, which we find indignant and shameful.
Aside from other ideas, Rock Fest Barcelona will help fund the research in any way that is possible for us, so we are counting on YOU, the audience.

At the charity stand you will find collector stuff such as signed passes, banners, signed concert posters, picks, albums and so on. Also Asdent collars. We will also provide guitars signed by several of the bands in our bill, who have committed to help as soon as we have told them about this. Scorpions have been the first to say yes.
You will also find small boxes around the bar and merchandise areas so you can help with anything, as much or as little as you can. Every help counts. We will also collect all plastic caps from the festival in order to give them to Asdent.

Also, we must inform you that the press credentials and passes from all media coming to the festival, with no exception, will have a cost of 10€ per person, which will be paid when collecting the pass or guest ticket. Rock Fest Barcelona will donate all that money to Asdent.

We are sure that you are gonna help as you have always done.
Thanks everyone in advance!
Rock Fest Barcelona