Rock Fest Barcelona is announcing five new bands for its 2017 edition, which keeps growing and with a billing that’s anything but closed. The festival will take place from June 30rd to July 2nd at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona).



Old friends of the festival, where they already played in 2015. The brits are back with their full show, including the eagle and the castle that they have already used in other big festivals. It will be a unique show in our country and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Saxon as you’ve never seen them before. Classics such as “Princess of the Night”, “Motorcycle Man” and “Denim and Leather” are to be expected.


Jeff Walker and Bill Steer’s band was influential to a whole generation of metalheads, as much with their early grindcore as with their melodic death metal in “Heartwork”, the album that helped them rise definitely. After a break up in 1996 and a reunion in 2008, they have kept touring and released an album called “Surgical Steel”. It will be their first time at Rock Fest Barcelona.


The german band has had a fruitful and long carreer. Even with the line-up chnges, Rage are always a guaranteed success live. Peavy Wagner keeps steering the ship showing absolute resilience, with albums such as “The Devil Strikes Again” keeping things interesting and showing that after more than 30 yeats, Rage are over any line-up and incarnation. We will welcome them again after having them with us in 2015 when they played as REFUGE in a live set that contained their 80’s hits and former 80’s members.


Long awaited by our festival’s crowd, these american metalheads had to be here. With Kurdt Vanderhoof and happily returned singer Mike Howe at the front, Metal Church will show how old school american heavy metal is played.


Very few thrash metal bands have the work capacity ANGELUS APATRIDA have. Tour after tour, album after album, they keep on growing. Recently they filled up big venues in Barcelona and Madrid for a live album recording and now they will be back at Rock Fest Barcelona for the biggest circle pits we’ve ever seen and for reminding us that, yes, “we are next”.