Rock Fest Barcelona, which will happen from July 5th to July 7th at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, is announcing four new bands to be added to the already confirmed KISS, OZZY OSBOURNE, JUDAS PRIEST, HELLOWEEN’s reunion, DIMMU BORGIR and lots more. A lot more bands will still be added to the bill in the coming weeks.


The german powerhouse is a hard rock colossus. It’s been more than ten years since his last show in our country and the comeback will be at Rock Fest Barcelona. With the incredible Johnny Gioeli on vocals and a world class band, as usual, Rudi Pell will play all the classics from his long standing carreer, with great studio efforts such as “The Masquerade Ball”, “Nasty Reputation” and “Eternal Prisoner”, aside of five ballad records that show his most sensitive side. However, at Rock Fest Barcelona he will be rocking hard. Disciple of Deep Purple and Judas Priest equally in his music, Axel Rudi Pell will play one of the most awaited shows in the festival.



To this day, talking about DARK TRANQUILLITY means talking about one of the greatest bands of European metal. Their discography talks for itself, as well as their tremendous live shows, where extreme metal and melody go hand in hand. Their music is well over the “melodic death metal” tag. Their most recent studio effort, “Atoma”, was released over a year ago and it will be represented in their show at Rock Fest Barcelona along with their best known songs.



From Sweden, they are one of the most consolidated progressive metal bands of the past couple of decades. The Tom S. Englund led band is a strange one in their genre. Their progressive style doesn’t hide a writing ability that makes them one of the most attractive bands we can think of. Their most recent work, “The Storm Within”, will be the reason for them to pay us a visit. The audience has been asking for them since the start of the festival.



A surprise that comes from frozen lands. This finnish band, led by Thomas Saukkonen, is great at working in the atmospheric and dark aspect of metal and have become one of the biggest promises in the european scene. Their most recent studio effort is titled “Tyhjyys” and will be the driving force behind their show at Rock Fest Barcelona. Atmospheres that will take over your body and mind, want it or not. Wolfheart are one of the surprises of our next edition.


Tomorrow, Friday 1st of December, at 11:00am CET, we will announce the last headliner for Rock Fest Barcelona 2018. At the same time, the new price of 175 € + distribution fee for 3-day tickets will be valid. Until then, the price of 150 € + fees is still valid. The tickets are on sale through RocknRock’s website and the Ticketmaster network (Fnac, Halcón Viajes, Carrefour). A limited colour edition for collectors is available through RocknRock’s website.