Rock Fest Barcelona, which will be held from July 4th to July 7th in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, is confirming four new bands. Four great artists that are added to a star studded line-up where bands like Def Leppard, ZZ Top, King Diamond, Saxon, Demons & Wizards, Dream Theater and Arch Enemy shine especially bright. The new confirmations are a small teaser of everything that’s pending to be confirmed in order to fill a spectacular festival bill for our annual rock and heavy metal party at Can Zam Park. The bands added are as follows:


Owners of one of the greats collection of rock anthems in existence (we’ll just say a couple things: “Carrie” and “The Final Countdown”), Europe are one of the biggest and most loved musical exports from Sweden. Now they will be back at Rock fest Barcelona with their new album under their belt, the acclaimed “Walk the Earth”. They have been touring for over a year behind it and they are firing on all cylinders. With Joey Tempest leading the stage with his unique style, the hard rock party is bound to happen.


The cathedral-esque power metal band Powerwolf has created a genre on its own that’s increasingly followed by more and more heavy metal fans in our country. With the recent “The Sacrament of Sin” record still fresh and on the back of a couple of spectacular shows in our country a few weeks ago that are still in our memories, the germans are coming to Rock Fest Barcelona exclusively so we can get sanctified…with dynamite.


Few things can be said about OBÚS that haven’t been said yet. Heavy metal pioneers in Spain during the political transition at the early 80’s, the Madrid based band led by Fortu Sánchez and Paco Laguna is living a renaissance in recent times, filling up venues and festivals left and right by claiming a legacy full of classics such as “Va a Estallar el Obús” and “Vamos muy Bien”, the all-time drunk anthem for spanish heavy metal.


Industrial metal will be represented at the festival by Americans Combichrist who are coming to Can Zam for the first time ever to smash anything that gets on their way. Led by norwegian singer Andy LaPlegua and with eight records under their arm since their inception in 2003, the band has shared the stage with giants like Rammstein and now they present themselves at the festival while they keep finishing their next studio record. The most recent effort, “This is Where Death Begins” was released in 2016.