A new batch of confirmed bands is underway for Rock Fest Barcelona, which will be held on July 5th, 6th and 7th at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. This time, JUDAS PRIEST, DIMMU BORGIR, BRAINSTORM, ROSS THE BOSS and TYGERS OF PAN TANG will join the already confirmed ICED EARTH, TANKARD and HELLOWEEN with their reunion tour.




Heavy Metal can’t be understood without going through the history of JUDAS PRIEST. They are synonymous with traditional heavy metal and influential to countless bands and musicians. After their incredible show at Rock Fest Barcelona 2015, the band will be back on July 5th 2018 with a new record called “Firepower” and a tour that will again show that the british band is in top form.

Formed in 1970 in Birmingham, the birth city of Heavy Metal, Judas Priest established themselves as one of the iconic bands of the genre with a collection of critically and fan acclaimed records from the mid-70’s until the erly 90’s. “Sad Wings of Destiny” (1976) and more prominently “British Steel” (1980), “Screaming for Vengeance” (1982) helped shape the sound of the band. In 1991, they released “Painkiller”, which is the quintessential record to understand what heavy metal is nowadays. Today, Judas Priest keep selling out arenas around the world and releasing records which are honest to their musical identity. Now, nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018 and with their new record “Firepower” coming out early next year, Judas Priest start a new cycle that will see the band conquer new heights without straying away from pure Heavy Metal.




We haven’t been able to see a show from the norwegians DIMMU BORGIR since they toured our country back in 2007 after releasing “In Sorte Diaboli”. A lot has happened ever since and the machinery of evil is again working at full tilt for a spectacular 2018. Rock Fest Barcelona will have the band in exclusive with a unique show in which they will play the songs from such important black metal records as “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant”, “Spiritual Black Dimensions” and “Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia”. A generation of fans of extreme metal that has never managed to see Dimmu Borgir live will now have a chance to participate in a ceremony of the darkness.
Lead by Silenoz (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Shagrath (drums) together with Galder (guitar), Dimmu Borgir appeared in a Norway that was going through the first wave of black metal in the early 90s. Thanks to their writing capacity they soon separated themselves from the underground and became one of the most revered black metal bands in the world at the end of that decade. After eight years of silence in the studio, the band’s new album will see the light of day in 2018.




Knights of the most honest german power metal, BRAINSTORM are the creature of Andy B. Franck (vocals) and Torsten Ihlenfeld (guitar). They were one of the most well known bands of the genre when it exploded at the beggining of the 2000’s, with great records such as “Metus Mortis” and “Soul Temptation”. Time has kept them relevant and their carreer is still going strong with their most recent “Scary Creatures” released back in 2016. Rock Fest Barcelona will have a dose of pure german heavy metal with one of the best bands in the game.



New Yorker Ross Friedman is living history of heavy metal and punk, having been a founding member of both The Dictators and Manowar. Actually it was with Ross (The Boss, as he is always known) that Manowar managed to reach their full writing potential in the 80’s. His guitar riffs, unequaled, help shape records such as “Battle Hymns”, “Hail to England” and the all time classic “Kings of Metal”. After that, Ross kept himself busy with many other bands and projects, aside of still touring the world with the Dictators and side bands as Death Dealer.

At Rock Fest Barcelona he will go over the most well loved classics of the history of Manowar as he did in his last sold out tour of Spain.



They appeared in the era of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. They formed in 1978 and released records up to 1987, when the band broke up. They came back to consistent activity in 1999, although with guitar player Robb Weir as the only original member.

Tygers of Pan Tang are famous for having had guitar extraordinaire John Sykes in their ranks, later in Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy. He recorded the classic “Spellbound” in 1981 and later “Crazy Nights” in 1983, being a part of the most creative and popular era of the british band.

Rock Fest Barcelona is pleased to announce the participation of the band, whose last studio record, self-titled, was released in 2016.




The three day passes will keep their price of 120€ + fee up to Thursday 9th of November at 10:00 CET. After that, the price will be 150€ + fee.
Tickets are on sale on RocknRock’s website and Ticketmaster (Halcón Viajes, Carrefour, Fnac…). There also collector tickets available through RockNRock website.


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