Rock Fest Barcelona, happening from July 5th to July 7th 2018 at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, is announcing a new block of confirmed bands. A variety of acts that complete a bill already led by recent confirmations KISS and OZZY OSBOURNE and with the known confirmations of JUDAS PRIEST, HELLOWEEN’s reunion show, DIMMU BORGIR, ICED EARTH, TANKARD, BRAINSTORM, ROSS THE BOSS and TYGERS OF PAN TANG.




After TWISTED SISTER’s official farewell after forty successful years of activity, DEE SNIDER couldn’t hold himself back and stay home being the hurricane that he is. In a short time, he already had his solo band in place and with them he has released the record “We Are The Ones”. Be ready for a high energy show where the singer will tear down everything that gets in his way. We need to respect the traditions!



They are THE party in a live setting and we are eager to have them with us. Finnish folk metal will invade Can Zam park to turn it into a celebration site. Jonne Järvelä and his band released “Noita” in 2015 and they have managed to keep an ascending cycle since then, turning into one of the most popular bands of the genre in Europe. Anthems such as “Vodka”, “Beer Beer” and “Happy Little Boozer” will make us jump and dance.



We don’t forget about extreme metal. Swedish black metallers DARK FUNERAL are one of the main acts of the genre in our bill. Lord Ahriman and his partners in crime will play Can Zam with a recent record, “Where Shados Forever Reign” in tow after years of silence as a recording act.



Supergroups don’t always work well. But when said supergroup has guys like Schmier (Destruction), Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall) and Stefan Schwarzmann (Aceept, Helloween, Running Wild) you have to, at least, pay attention. 80’s metal in its pure essence, metal of the true kind, the one that doesn’t mix up with other styles and is true to its original form. That’s their identity and that’s what they have shown to the world in their first two records, “Send Them All to Hell” and “Fatal Command”.



Fans of old school thrash metal will be happy to know that SACRED REICH are coming. True survivors of the 80’s thrash scene, the american group released great records like “Ignorance” and “The American Way”. Their music has stood the test of time and they keep touring actively and being a strong live act.



Abbath’s tribute to MOTÖRHEAD was so successful last year that we had to call them again this year. These guys feel Lemmy as much as we do and it’s an honor to enjoy their show at Rock Fest Barcelona. The band will play on the main stage to give Lemmy’s legacy the importance it deserves. As always, Lemmy is in our hearts and every year we celebrate his music at Rock Fest Barcelona.



They have surprised the world with their fast and aggresive brand of heavy metal. They recently toured the country and a lot of people came out of the gigs being a new fan. Their influences of power and melodic metal make them very attractive. The mixture of clean vocals by Brittney Slayes and the grunts of Grant Truesdell and Andrew Kingsley are the perfect counterpart. Don’t miss their show!



No one can argue about the inmense experience of the musicians playing in ROCKING HORSE. After surprising everybody at last year’s Rock Fest Barcelona start-off party, now the band will play at the festival itself showing us their brand of hard rock mixed with groove metal, melodic hooks and the mastery of musicians that have been on the road since approximately forever.
David ‘Gnaposs’ on guitar, Jordi ‘Kako’ Vericat on bass, Danny Navarro on drums and Paquito ‘SexMachine” on vocals will make a fun show to remember.

Con David “Gnaposs” a la guitarra, Jordi “Kako” Vericat al bajo, Danny Navarro a la batería y el gran Paquito “SexMAchine” a la voz, la diversión está asegurada.



What about bringing a tribute of all legendary bands at once? THE BEST OF ROCK TRIBUTE are precisely that: a show that brings together all the legendary rock bands on stage, making you unable to keep away your sight or ears off them. Respectful and well done, their tributes to all time classic rock bands are a true experience.



The price of three-day passes for Rock Fest Barcelona will stay at 150€ + fees until December 1st, when we will announce the last headliner for Rock Fest Barcelona 2018.
Tickets are on sale through RockNRock’s website as well as Ticketmaster’s network (Fnac, Carrefour, Halcon Viajes). Also, there is a special full colour collector edition available at RocknRock’s website.