Rock Fest Barcelona, which will be held from July 5th to 7th 2018 in Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, already has a star-studded billing with acts such as OZZY OSBOURNE’s farewell tour, the return of the spectacular KISS, HELLOWEEN’s long awaited reunion, the hits machine that we call SCORPIONS and the legendary heavy metal of JUDAS PRIEST. To those bands now we should add four new acts: H.E.A.T., ECLIPSE, AMARANTHE, TREMONTI and LUJURIA.
H.E.A.T. are old friends of Rock Fest Barcelona, having played on the first edition. They are one of the fastest ladder-climbing bands in melodic hard rock, specially since the arrival of vocalist Erik Grönwall and their previous release, “Tearing Down the Walls”. Their most recent opus, “Into the Great Unknown” brings them back to headline news and with that, to the big stages where they feel most comfortable at.


ECLIPSE are the other colossus of modern day melodic hard rock. Led by Erik Martensson and Magnus Henriksson, their most recent work, “Monumentum”, has confirmed them as a force to be reckoned with in the scene. They were hinting at their greatness but when they played Rock Fest Barcelona 2017 and when they supported Aerosmith they won over the spanish audience. Rock Fest Barcelona will be confirmation of their unstoppable skyrocketing carreer.


AMARANTHE are the main standards of electronic metal these days. The mixture of three voices by Elize Ryd, Henrik Englund and Nils Molin gives this band a unique edge that they have used to their advantage in records such as “Massive Addictive” and “Maximalism”. Their show at Rock Fest Barcelona is one of the most awaited by modern metal fans.


TREMONTI is the solo project of Alter Bridge’s lead guitarist Mark Tremonti. He played the festival with his other band last year and now he is back with his other group, eager to show to his wide spanish audience the heavier and speedier music he plays with this band, where he also sings aside of playing guitar. His most recent effort, “Dust”, came out in 2016 and at Rock Fest Barcelona he will show that he’s not a one-trick guitarist.


LUJURIA, great spanish exponents of 80’s style heavy rock, will visit Rock Fest Barcelona for the first time with their outspoken and controversial leader Oscar Sancho in command. A lesson in how to make music with the heart without sacrifing the power nor the message. Their lyrics, usually sexual, are a hymn to freedom and debauchery, without avoiding singing about socials subjects of all kind and supporting all sorts of causes.