Eventhough the heat was intense at 13.h, Nonsense started with a lot of strength on the very first gig of the festival. The audience came too with a lot of energy and were very excited from the very beginning. There was also a few people that went straight to get in line for Orphaned Land to see them from the first row. Great concert from this band from Israel, with a lot of people asking for more. But next in line was Grave Digger, who got the first circle pit of the day under the extreme heat of the sun, followed by the portuguese Moonspell. Right afterwards Dragonforce brought us their speed and strength through their power metal songs Each and every one of the members were excited and Herman Li gave to the audience what they were asking for. He got closet o the edge of the stage smiling, jumping, licking the strings of his guitar… and with Trough the Fire and Flames the fans of the band didn’t know whether to jump, run, or bang their heads trying to keep on the rythm of Dragonforce. But the next stage was already ready for Coroner and it just took a couple of minutes for them to take on the stage with all their might. Almost 30 years they have been rocking and they still move as if they were 20. And precisely Danny Vaughn from Tyketto was telling us right before starting how to jump on stage when you’re not 20 anymore. So after a great trash gig, it was great to have an amazing AOR gig such as the one Tyketto gave us. Plus, they were celebrating their 25 years on stage.

Very soon after that it was Heaven Shall Burn’s turn. Maik, guitar player was very happy with how the festival looked, he even got the time to drink a beer with the crowd and take a picture with our dragon. They came very excited to the festival and they showed that on stage. Incredible show with Marcus, the singer, all covered in sweat by the end of it. He’s red shirt ended up wine colored and that’s always a great indicator, at least in terms of performance. And it came the turn of Mägo de Oz, their clown, their confetti and pyro show. And of course, you sang and dance to their songs! But for pyro show and confetti… Kreator’s!! Impressive performance and show, and an incredible amount of confetti that covered the floor of the photo pit up to the ankles of the photographers. That, and a lot of fire and flames. Of course, they called out for mosh pits quite a few times. Again, after a brutal gig, we find ourselves with an amazing hard rock gig as the one that Mr. Michael Schenker had prepared for us. One of MSG’s best times live. And then, the germans took the stage again: Blind Guardian had a magical show and a very nice setlist, specially choosen to satisfy the fans. But the day is arriving to an end and the king came to claim his throne. King Diamond had the most incredible scenery of the whole day and he demonstrated that he can still rock the hell out of every one of us.

Boni opened the party time moment in the RockTent, making us sing some of Barricada’s songs, as well as their own new stuff. After that, we welcomed on stage Rafa Basa who performed as dj for the night.


King Diamond


Rock Fest BCN