Second day of the festival. Still the heat is intense. Still the sun is burning. But right after the doors opened, Wild Lies started the day followed but the melodic metal of the londoners The Raven Age, band led by the son of Iron Maiden’s bassist, George Harris. The finnish singer Noora Louhimo jumped on the RockStage full of power and spirit as it is recurrent in each and every concert of Battle Beast. The finns have come 4 times in the last year to the city, and the welcome that they still have here is incredible. The basques Leize celebrated Patxi’s – guitar player – birthday on the Fest Stage while they made a great part of the audience sing along to their choruses.

Armored Saint, a band founded by the Sandoval brothers (drums and guitar) came for the very first time in their whole career to Barcelona willing to meet their fans of the other side of the ocean. John Bush was really into making the audience vibrate, and he did. They all made a great show and the people was vey much excited. Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen made us enjoy together through Unisonic, with a great concert in which, of course, they played some Helloween’s hits, as ‘I Want Out’. Overkill took on the stage with incredible energy and greeted the audience after the first song with “Hola cabrones!”.

Barón Rojo presented quite some of their lastest songs in their concert, where an already crowded audience was getting ready for the most awaited british of the day. Iron Maiden were impressive with an espectacular show, both musical and scenically speaking: an aztec scenery, a giant Eddie, a lot of wardrobe changes… All the elements to make that night, and unforgettable night. It musn’t be easy to play after sucha a great gig, but Loudness, who were also playing their second RockFest in a row, gave an amazing show for the ones that still have some strength left after the iron maiden hit us. This heavy metal from Japan made more than one and more than two bawl even more.

The diehard fans of Rata Blanca enjoyed quite a lot this concert in which they played some new stuff but not forgetting the classic hits. And still we had a bit of strength left for the metal queen, Doro. Aside from her top hit songs, she wanted to sing us some lullabies for us to go home and sleep. But no way, the Rock Tent filled up with people that still wanted more rock and roll. And it was ’77 the ones in charged of taking the rock and roll ‘till the very end. If during the whole festival up to now we’ve seen a lot of energy on all the stages, in any concert like in ’77 where singer, guitar player and bassist couldn’t stop moving, jumping and running. LG, the guitar player, even got down the stage and played from the crowd.

Last but not least, we had our own Party Hard in the Rock Tent. Sergi Ramos was now our master of cerimonies making us dance until we literally dropped, without no strenght left.