Rock Fest Barcelona, which will be held on 30th of June, 1st and 2nd of July 2017 at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) has just confirmed the presence of six new bands on its billing.




The american Blackie Lawless fronted band is one of the most controverted of american heavy metal’s history. Prosecuted by the PMRC and by influential pieces of the american higher political elites because of their explicit language in the 80’s, they managed to have a rabid fanbase thanks to their grotesque live shows and never before seen theatrics. As years went by, they softened the aesthetic but kept the powerful music. These days, with a recording carrer still in full force, the band is announcing that they will be back on Rock Fest Barcelona, where they already played in 2015, in order to introduce their most recent studio work, titled “Golgotha” and up to the level of old time classics.




The folk-viking metal band is one of the most well-loved in our country. Led by the tireless Petri Lindroos, they are one of the bands that survived the rise of the genre at the end of the last decade. They managed to do so by releasing great records such as their most recent effort, “One man Army” and with live shows where nordic metal shows its good health.




EXCITER are synonimous with the most purist, classic, 80’s and old-school brand of heavy metal. The canadian band, led by the great John Ricci, has never been part of a great movement. They never got to know real fame. But they have always a legion of loyal fans who know that Exciter lives and breathes heavy metal as much as they do. These Heavy Metal Maniacs may not be around in the studio a lot, but their setlist will be full of classics such as “Violence & Force”, “Long Live the Loud” and “Pounding Metal”. A salute to the most true metal die-hards who attend Rock Fest Barcelona.




They played in 2016 and they will be back in 2017. There is no need for reasons: the reaction of the audience during their show this year was enough of a reason. They are the future of melodic hard rock with great hooks, energetic writing and musical quality that is second to none. They are still coming off their great record “Armageddonize” and they will give us a show full of their greatest songs.




Very few bands in our country are as hard-working as this band, made of some the finest musicians in spanish Heavy Metal, such as Niko del Hierro, Jero Ramiro, Tete Novoa and Dani Perez. They reunited in 2015 with Dani and Jero (classic line-up drummer and guitarist) and the band went back on the road for a very successful tour, allowing time for a new album called “Morir en el Bien, Vivir en el Mal”, released this 2016. They have a tremendous discography (their first record, “Vientos de Guerra”, “Agotarás” and “Nemesis” are great examples) and one of the most unstoppable live shows.




The Tony Hernando and Ronnie Romero led band (Romero is now the singer in Rainbow with Ritchie Blackmore) is an example of how heavy metal can be classic and up to date at the same time. Signed to Frontiers Records and with two albums under their belt, the band has played around the whole of Spain and even went as far away as Japan. Next year will mark their first time at Rock Fest Barcelona.