Rock Fest Barcelona goes full steam ahead and announces four additional bands for its 2017 edition, which will be held between June 30rd and July2nd at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona).


The brazilian band bet it on thrash metal when it was a utopy to achieve anything in their country with such an extreme musical style. Time proved they were right and they became a world class metal act with great records such as “Chaos AD, “Roots” and “Arise”. Now they have “Machine Messiah” in their hands and a live show that is as abrasive as ever before. Are you ready for the riffs of Andreas Kisser and the intense voice of Derrick Green? We hope you are.


European hard rock has nothing to envy on american hard rock. In our continent we have amazing bands capable of filling up arenas and stadiums. One of those bands is, obviously, Gotthard. Even though tragedy hit them a few years back with the death of singer Steve Lee, they were able to find their way again with singer Nic Maeder. Now they are celebrating 25 years in the business with a record called “Silver” and at Rock Fest Barcelona we will be joining them in their celebration.



One of the definitive bands in rock is, without a doubt, Queen. There may be other incarnations of the band touring the world’s stages, but not even them can do it better than God Save The Queen, the biggest Queen tribute in the world, originary from Argentina and capable of playing the biggest arenas with a show that rivals the best Queen live sets. They will close the festival on Sunday so we can say goodbye to three days of rock, heavy metal and brotherhood to the sound of anthems like “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions”.


This american five-piece hails from New York and play a southern influenced brand of hard rock. Hooky and full of anthems, they have vocal powerhorse Tom Morrissey in their ranks. Their most recent record, “The Answer”, is full of great songs.