Rock Fest Barcelona, which will happen from July 5th to July 7th at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, is announcing seven new bands to be added to the already confirmed KISS return, the farewell of OZZY OSBOURNE, JUDAS PRIEST, HELLOWEEN’s reunion, SCORPIONS and lots more. A lot more bands will still be added to the bill in the coming weeks.


After a spectacular tour of Spain presenting “The Rise of Chaos”, the ‘teutonic terror’ is back at Rock Fest Barcelona three years after their last show at the festival. Their incredible new record, the quality of the work released since Mark Tornillo was added as the new singer and the band reunited and the weight of such a classic back catalog will make their show one of the most anticipated at the festival. There is nothing quite like seeing twenty thousand people singing ‘Balls to the Wall’ while guitarist Wolf Hoffmann and bassist Peter Baltes move in sync to the beat as they’ve done since the end of the 70’s. Never get dated, never ever fail live: ACCEPT are the best heavy metal machine of our days.


To situate ourselves, we must remember that in exactly one year, British classic rock powerhouse URIAH HEEP will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their career. Mick Box, their long-standing band leader, has been there since the begginning, through the highs and the lows, surviving the exit of legendary musicians such as Ken Henseley, David Byron and Lee Kerslake. The Uriah Heep of 2018 are a machine that can’t be matched live. Veteran members Phil Lanzon (keyboards) and Bernie Shaw (vocals) have been playing with Box since the mid-80’s. The more recent Russell Gilbrook (drums) and Davey Rimmer (bass) have helped to keep the legacy alive, one of the most prolific in the history of rock and roll. Anyone knows records such as “Abominog”, “Return to Fantasy”, “Very ‘Eavy…Very ‘Umble”,, “Sonic Origami” and even the more recent “Wake the Sleeper” and “Into the Wild”. A masterclass in classic rock that we will enjoy exclusively at Rock Fest Barcelona.


For years, they were the hard rock answer to the legend Joan Jett’s RUNAWAYS. VIXEN are a legend in itself now and the way they paved their way in a male dominant hard rock world as the mid 80’s was was a lesson for a whole generation of upcoming female rockers that have since turned around this scene and enriched it. Tough and charming at the same time, their anthems are still in our subconscious thanks to the never ending rotation their songs had on MTV. Hits such as “Edge of a Broken Heart”, “Cryin’” and “Love is a Killer· are pure history of 80’s hard rock and a reminder of a golden era that will hardly come back. With most of their classic line-up still in place and led by Janet Gardner and Roxy Petrucci, VIXEN will be one of the most awaited bands at Rock Fest Barcelona.


The biggest spanish heavy metal band is back at Rock Fest Barcelona to give us a good dose of already cross-generational rock anthems. With a career in excess of 30 years now, few bands in our country can overshadow what MAGO DE OZ have created. To see thousands of people jumping to their greatest songs at Rock Fest Barcelona is a privilege and we are happy to have them again with us.


They need no introduction. They invented heavy metal, they invented electric guitar, they invented the wheel…and they made parody metal cool in Spain before anyone else. There is no doubt that GIGATRON are one of the coolest cult phenomenons in spanish heavy metal. Passed from father to son thanks to TDK 60’ Chrome cassette tapes and thrown into massive stardom by the advent of the internet and music downloads, GIGATRON went viral before the word was actually invented. Their tours of northern Congo, their 27 sold out shows in a row at Long Beach Arena, their acclaimed 2005 reunion, their acoustic tours in dives and holes all around the country to be closer to their fans and specially Charly Glamour’s unmatchable charisma have made GIGATRON the most successful, intractable and better smelling heavy metal band in our country. At Rock Fest Barcelona we don’t we’re worthy, but we are privileged to have them with us.


New blood in our bill thanks to a young and hungry heavy metal band that you can’t miss. DÉBLER are the fastest emerging heavy metal band in the country and they are managing to catch everybody’s attention. Their most recent effort, “Somnia” is a masterpiece of contemporary symphonic heavy metal and at Rock Fest Barcelona we will be lucky to have a glimpse of their talent and of vocalist Ruben Kelsen incredible vocal prowess.


And more new blood. Bourbon King’s rap metal will be a breath of fresh air at Rock Fest Barcelona. Led by Aaron da Boozer on vocals and joined by Jon Bourb On (vocals), Julen Bread (Guitar), DJ Pail (sampling, turntables), and David Topper (Drums), this band from Navarra will hit us right in the head. Songs such as “Una Sola Oportunidad” will fall like a bomb in Can Zam.