Rock Fest Barcelona is confirming ten new bands to be added to an ever increasing list of artists which is close to being finished. THE rock weekend of the year, which will happen from July 5th to July 7th 2018 at Parc de Can Zam in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, already has more than 40 confirmed artists, including these new bands. From the spectacular show of KISS to the farewell of OZZY OSBOURNE as well as the legendary SCORPIONS and JUDAS PRIEST, HELLOWEEN’s reunion, MEGADETH’s brand of thrash metal and legends such as ACCEPT and DIMMU BORGIR. An historical and unrepeatable edition that will send rock fans into delirium for three days.
The newly added bands are as follows:


It’s been a lot of years since STRYPER last played Spain. The wait will be over with an exclusive show at Rock Fest Barcelona 2018, where brothers Michael and Robert Sweet, together with wizard guitar player Oz Fox and the new bass player Perry Richardson will give a show to remember full of their 80’s hits.
Their new record, “God Damn Evil” shows a band that is totally in tune with the times in 2018 without forgetting the roots of their success. The christian heavy metal of these californians has always marked the difference in a hard rock scene often plagued by cliches. After a thirty-five year spanning careeer, the band keeps sending a message about their beliefs with the most rabid heavy metal and hard rock, the biggest arena-rock choruses and the best guitar solos.
We don’t know if they will still throw bibles to the audience, but it will certainly be one of the most waited for shows at Rock Fest Barcelona.


The biggest exponent of italian gothic metal, LACUNA COIL, are old friends of the festival, having played in the first edition. Now, they are back to show the new songs off “Delirium”, their latest record, and a lot of their most well known tunes after a 20 year career. The passion and energy of Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro on stage is highly infectious. Beware!


Even though the shadow of Lemmy and Motorhead is certainly big, we all knew that a rock warrior such as Phil Campbell would not stay home after decades touring the world more than the busiest head of state. Ambassador of the most basic and high-energy rock and roll, Campbell has kept the sound that we knew him for in his new project with his sons, a true band of bastards that keeps the legendary guitarist active in this new era of his career. With the edition of their first record, “Age of Absurdity”, they have put into shape something that up to now only existed on stage. At Rock Fest Barcelona we will be able to enjoy some of the best anthems of his past band and listen to the new tunes he has to offer.


They have been making us laugh and rock equally for the past 20 years. These guys from Mollet del Vallés are one of the hardest touring and working bands in the country: their career and the legendary wit of singer and personality “El Sevilla” is all the endorsement they need. They also repeat the festival after having been in our first edition and we are happy to have them back in this fifth year celebration in Can Zam. Fun they will be, that’s for sure.


Supergroups are often short-lived. The ego battles and internal problems usually put an end to something so logical as putting a lot of super-talented musicians in the same band. Mind you, it’s not the case for THE DEAD DAISIES, the band where we can find Marco Mendoza and Doug Aldrich (known for having been part of WHITESNAKE), Deen Castronovo (JOURNEY) and John Corabi (MOTLEY CRUE) together with the commander-in-chief in the shadows, rhythm guitarist David Lowy. With four studio records and one live effort under their belt, they have supported big bands such as Kiss, Aerosmith and Def Leppard. Now, with their new record, “Burn it Down” they are to, well, burn…it…down. And we will be ready for it at Rock Fest Barcelona.


At Rock Fest Barcelona it was clear that we needed to pay tribute to the great Malcolm Young of AC/DC somehow. In France we found the best AC/DC tribute in the world, one of those that take it so serious that they even bring cannons for the big finale in “For Those About to Rock”. A high energy show and really loyal to the sound of the original band that will serve as closing for this year’s festival.


Often you ask us for extreme metal. Well, there is nothing more extreme than KATAKLYSM, the canadian death metal outfit led by Maurizio Laconi and Jean François Dagenais. Their latest record, “Meditations”, will be the excuse for us to break our necks with one of the most brutal shows we will witness at the festival.


Spanish rock has given us great bands: we have Barricada, Reincidentes, Los Suaves, Extremoduro and, without a doubt, Porretas. Urban rock in the past 30 years can’t be understood without talking about the band from Madrid’s Hortaleza district. Few bands have toured the country as these four musicians and throughout their career they have given us anthem after anthem, all with a taste of beer and the smell of warm amplifier valves and rehearsal space in some big city’s outskirts.
They are still active and their latest record is an homage to some of the spanish music greats from a rock perspective, from Asfalto to Julio Iglesias. No one is safe from a high energy re-reading of their music by Porretas.


As it’s already a tradition, Rock Fest Barcelona will again have a tent that pays tribute to Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead, our classic Motörtent. And, as it’s the law, Motorhits will again play the festival, as they are the best possible band to re-live the classic anthems such as “Ace of Spades”, “Overkill” and “Killed by Death”. We will raise our glasses full of Jack and coke in the honor of the one and only Mr. Kilmister.


As every year, Rock Fest Barcelona makes a point of showing the local scene of Santa Coloma de Gramenet to our audience. Bands such as Alyanza, Nonsense and Astray Valley have already played the festival to great success and now it’s time for Born in Exile. A band that’s been active since 2012 and with records under their belt as the recent “Drizzle in Cosmos”. They play music that is reminiscent of Opeth, Ayreon, Epica, Myrath, Leprous and other prog-metal oufits, with space for technicalities as well as speed and virtuosism. They will definitely make good use of their chance to play at the festival’s big stage.

Due to scheduling conflicts, finally SACRED REICH won’t be playing this next edition of Rock Fest Barcelona.